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Alternatively, the PDF's bookmarks can be used to navigate . Congratulations on your download of BlueVoda and welcome to VodaHost!. create a website with our BlueVoda website builder in under 30 minutes no coding Click below to download the latest version of our award winning BlueVoda. Hello, I have a PDF file for people to click and download the volleyball schedule a menu pdf download and it is not working on phones just computers too? thanks in VodaHost Web Hosting and BlueVoda Website Builder.

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bluevoda website builder (BLUEVODA MANUAL Brought to you Download PDF TUTORIAL: An Introduction to BlueVoda (Summary) BlueVoda is a drag & drop Web site builder that enables a user with little or no experience to build a fantastic Web site. No HTML or coding knowledge is. BlueVoda is a free website builder, so easy to use that anyone who has enough It's % free and is available for download right here.

Twitter Advertisement Paying someone to design you a basic site is now almost completely unnecessary. Say for example you own a small business or would like an online bio or website to showcase you or your talents. The best way to do it without creating another generic blog is to build your own individual website from scratch. However, designing a cool website that is useful and pleasing to the eye need not be such as hard task. BlueVoda is a free website builder, so easy to use that anyone who has enough computing skills to make a FaceBook page and use MS Paint, can use it for creating your own website for free. All it is, is resizing boxes, entering text, choosing colors and putting in some pictures and fancy buttons — simple stuff. Once you have entered in all of this information about yourself you can begin the download by checking your e-mail and following the link provided. An activation key will be e-mailed to you, which you will need to use the software. When the download has finished open the program for the first time.

Watch the Video Tutorials that weoffer so that you have an idea of what you can do with BlueVoda. Further, you should make a practicepage first so that you can get a feel for BlueVoda and some experience using it before you startconstructing a page which you will publish on the World Wide Web. It takes two to three months to learn how to use DreamWeaver and at least a month to learn FrontPage,while you can learn BlueVoda in hours. Practice adding and deleting text, pictures, and hyperlinks untilyou can do these actions with ease.

Building a web site with BlueVoda is easy if you follow the above steps. The most important part of theconstruction process actually takes place before you open BlueVoda. Think of constructing your web sitelike taking a test back in school, those who prepared before the test probably did better than those whojust went in without even opening their books.

Installing and Configuring BlueVodaI. To download thelatest version of BlueVoda, visit the BlueVodawebsite, enter your first name and emailaddresses where prompted and follow theprocedure outlined in the email that you receive. Depending on your choice, the file you willdownload will either be called setup.

If you require an additional tool for unzipping, you can try IZArc which is a great freeware utility forzipping and unzipping files.

Running the InstallerDouble-click on the setup. You may be asked if you trust the program — you should say you do, and Windows User Account Control UAC may ask again if you wish to open the file.

Unless you have any specific requirements, it isrecommended that you can leave it as it is. Double-Click the desktop icon or single click the start menu entry. Opens the BlueVoda website builder and presents you with the Open dialog, which allows you to continue working on a.

Opens the BlueVoda website builder as well as your default web browser e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. We recommend you watch these tutorials thoroughly before you begin to use the software, to make yourself more accustomed to the work-flow. The BlueVoda work-space has many menus and toolbars. You can drag any and all toolbars to whereveryou want them within the BlueVoda workspace. Many of the options that are available to you via the BlueVoda menu bar are also available to you vialthe BlueVoda tool bars.

This manual shows you both ways to accomplish each task using both the menusystem and the toolbar buttons that you can use to accomplish the same task. Every object that you add to the BlueVoda work-space be it via the menu system or from a toolbarbutton can be moved around the work-space to a location of your choice, can be resized and can alsobe configured.

You're now ready to get started. Happy website building! Again, we wish you the best of luck! The File menu gives you many options: It creates newfiles for you to work on or opens files that you have saved.

It is fromhere that you can manage your sessions of working with the BlueVodawebsite builder. This option is also available to you using the New button on the BlueVoda toolbar. Clone Page Begin working on a duplicate of a web page that has already been created.

When you click it a Dialogue will open and request the path to the file that you wish to clone. You can also have the option to select link from Internet Explorer Favorites or Browse for a file on your local computer. Close Page Closes the current page that you are working on. Before the page closes, you will be prompted to Save any or all changes to the web page you are working on. If you are saving the web page for the first time, The BlueVoda website builder is brought to you by: VodaHost.

Save Page As Save as Template Otherwise, saving will save the page with the filename Default Browser that you have already assigned it with a.

bluevoda Pages 1 - 50 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

Edit Browser List Saves your active document and requests you to assign a namePublish to it. Use this feature to change the filename of the page youPrint Print Preview Saves your active document as a template, that you can openPrint Setup Exit Previews your active page in the web browser that you have selected as default for your system e.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. Edits your list of browsers Publishes your active web page to the Internet. You will be presented with the files that you opened most recently and you can just click on one to open it up. You will be prompted to save any pages that you have changed without saving before you quit the program. You should always save your home page as index. If the page you are saving isn't the landing page or home page for your website, pick a name for it andenter it as the file name in the Save Page As dialogue box that pops-up.

At this point you should besaving your pages in the. Youmust stick to numbers, letters and if required hyphens and underscores. Your web browser cannotinterpret any special characters.

When naming your websites pages: 1. Do not name any of your pages with capital letters. Do not use capital letters at all in Page Names. Do not use capital letters in any of your Hyperlinks.

Keep the name of other pages as short as possible. Do not allow any blank spaces between words! DO NOT add. BlueVoda adds. The first page property that you should set is the title page for your website.

This is what your visitorswill see in the title-bar of their browser and will also be displayed in Search Engine searches. Decide on a page width and height a width of about pixels px is normal; height up to you , as wellas the default font face and size.

If you wish, you can add an image to the page background. You can set a default color for your text. You can also set default colors for your hyperlinks.

You can even set a sound file that will play on page load. Meta-tags: Keywords — Separated by commas. Scrollbars: Here you can set custom colors for the various parts of the scroll bar. You will see a preview of the result for whatever changes you make. Page Transitions: You can set a page transition that will occur when a visitor enters or exits your page as well as the amount of time it will take for the page transition to complete.

Currently, they are only supported in Internet Explorer but that's okay because IE is the world's most used browser. There are many, many effects to choose from. Decide if you wish to import the page from your local computer or remotely from an online location. Click the [ OK ] button when you are done.

This will return you to the work-space and you will see that the page you selected has been importedonto your work-space. Note that since you are not importing any CSS file, you will have to reformat the text after importing thepage. To preview your site, click the Preview buttonin the toolbar.

This will launch your defaultbrowser to preview your web page. To preview your site in a web browser otherthan your default browser, select: Preview inBrowser To print the current page, simply click the Print icon in the toolbar to open the Print dialogue box.

You can also publish via the Publish icon in the toolbar. Important: You should take note that you must publish each page individually. You willsee the IP as well as your login details in your Welcome Email. Unless you need to publish to a specific sub-folder, leave this settingas is. Click the [ Publish ] button to publish your web-page to the Internet. Trouble Publishing? You don't have a VodaHost web hosting account.

You need a VodaHost web hosting account and a domain name in order to publish your website on the internet. Click Here to create your VodaHost Account. If you do have a VodaHost account and you are having problems publishing this could only mean that your firewall is blocking and preventing BlueVoda from doing its job.

Please momentarily disable any firewalls that you have on your computer or add BlueVoda to your safe programs list. Also please make sure that you are selecting the correct IP address from the drop down menu. If you do not see your IP address in the drop down menu, please upgrade to the latest version of BlueVoda.

A web page is specifically designed to be viewed on the internet via a computer screen; if you want it toprint nicely you must make it printer friendly from the very beginning For example, if you where to print out this page it would come out distorted and use up several piecesof paper.

Have you ever visited a website that had a button that said Tips for creating a printer friendly page White background.

Text Aligned left. No more than characters of text per line 4. Little or no graphics. After you have created your printer friendly web page, print it out a few times to test how it looks andtweak your design accordingly. BlueVoda's Edit menuBlueVoda's Edit menu allows you to control the position and relativepositioning, giving you complete control over the design and layout ofyour website. When the element is pasted into the new location, the original will be deleted. Use Copy if you are unsure.

It can be pasted using the Paste command. The element being pasted could have been copied from within your active page, from another open web page in BlueVoda or from another program e. Notepad Paste in Place Pastes the copied element in the same position that the element was copied from i. Lock Locks a selected website element eg. Unlock All Unlocks all the elements that have been added to your web page. Don't Publish Assets Allows you to exclude an object's assets from being published.

Restore Original Size Restores the original size of any website element that you have added to your active web page and subsequently resized. However, you have the option to lock the element into place so that you do not accidentally move it outof position. To lock an element in place on your website page, simply right-click on the element that you wish to lockand select: Lock. Anytime you now try to move the image, you will see that it is locked in place.

Both are fully customizablefor a website building experience that is fully tailored to the user. Refresh F6 Reloads your active web page within the BlueVoda website builder. Grid Snap to Grid Select whether to show or hide the workspace grid, to help you align objects within your active web page. Rulers Select whether to make the workspace grid magnetic, to help you alignRuler Guides objects within your active web page.

Select whether to show or hide the workspace rulers. Select whether to show or hide the ruler guides. Page Properties Edit all the properties of the active web page that you are editing. BlueVoda's Insert menuThis is where the magic happens; the BlueVoda Insert menu allows you toadd all the elements that you will need to build your website to theBlueVoda work-space.

You can customize the position, size and shape ofeach element that you add to the BlueVoda work-space and double-clicking on each element allows you to fully customize that element. Select Choose the Object Selection tool. Advanced Button Add an Advanced button to your form. Editbox Add an editbox to your form File Upload Add the opportunity for a user to upload a file using your form. They keep on posting all new thoughts, latest pictures and recent happenings on their website. Whenever we met or talk on the phone they always have new things to share with me.

They used to instruct me to have a look at their websites. Also they insisted that I also should have one. I used to give them different lame excuses for not having a website when in actuality I did not know anything about website design and to be very frank was not ready to show my friends that I was dumb when it comes to computers.

One day my son, a high school student in a very cheerful mood, showed me a website which he had designed for his school project. When I asked he told me that the project of web design had been made possible because of BlueVoda. I got the website url of BlueVoda the website builder. I downloaded it and very quickly had my own website designed and that too without any knowledge of web design techniques although my son did help me with posting.

This has been made possible by BlueVoda with its website builder tool. Now I have my own website where I have kept lots of information about my family and hobbies.

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I can share my thoughts with my friends through my very own personal web site! In no time I have become so accustomed to this web design tool from BlueVoda that I recommend this tool to many people who I meet. The techniques used in web design are so simple that my son and even I! Hats off to BlueVoda! Recently our Students, Teachers. And Parents program decided to develop a website so that everyone could keep up with upcoming events.

As the president of the STP it was my job to find the right website company and have a site built. However, our budget would only allow for a hundred dollars each year to cover the cost of the pages. I started calling local companies to see what I could get for a hundred dollars and some of the companies actually laughed. After five or six calls I quickly gave up calling. The level of benefits I have got to create website and in terms of hosting the same from them is just unbelievable.

Apart from the help you get from them to create website, you would also get assistances from BlueVoda website maker in order to optimize your search engine ranking.

That is also free of cost. So, I not only recommend the services of BlueVoda website maker to the new company owners like me but also suggest the new entrepreneurs who intend to create website for starting an ecommerce site to avail this service. If you are a person who wants to make a career in the website building sector then also the service of BlueVoda website maker will be the best choice for you.

They let you know the convenient tricks to create website. With their services you will always feel privileged and obviously with lots of technical support. To sum up this review I would like to highlight some of the striking features of BlueVoda website maker in the below mentioned section: — With the services of BlueVoda website maker you need not have theoretical knowledge of HTML web designing to create website.

You may create website unlimited number of times. I am someone who likes to put my ideas and thoughts across to people. So what can be a better way than to create website using a website maker and reaching a huge spectrum of readers. I always wanted to create website of my own but had no idea how to create website. The more I thought about it, the more I became restless and all this was not helping my cause. I became confused. They say that you can get all the answers to your problems on the Internet.

But in my case, the Internet seemed to have aggravated my problems. I searched for an automated website maker and a long list of flashed before my eyes.

I got more confused. Plus some of them wanted me to first learn html and other had a hefty fee attached to them. I even started thinking that maybe I am not made to create website. Then I learnt about BlueVoda the website maker and this has helped me a great deal to learn how to create website of my taste.

Even the thought of website creation used to freak me out initially but now that I know how to create website with the help of BlueVoda, I feel elated and more confident. It makes me feel great that I will now be able to reach the people I want to with just a simple click.

A co-worker recommended about BlueVoda stating this website maker is an easy and fully loaded to create website. A super plus is that it was free of cost, they also teach how to create website in detail tutorials. The video tutorials which are provided are so easy to watch and learn that even a true beginner can learn very easy.

I downloaded BV and went straight to create website. You can honestly create a website with this website maker and publish in 30 minutes. I did not even have to take any html classes with BV as you do with other website makers.

For website creation is to select drag and drop and the icons! The tutorials are set up to give you every detail of building and publishing a super website and learning about website creation has never been easier. What more with BlueVoda I was able to create website with not one or two but multiple pages. My website looked really grand at the end of it all. To create website is not a worrying thing now but a joy ride where you can play with your imagination and creativity.

You can do whatever you like with this website maker by your side. There are so many designs and colors that it becomes difficult to choose. The website maker also enables you to insert music or video in your website. They cleared all my doubts and answered all my questions in the most polite manner. I had no problem at all.

I had to order a web hosting account to bring my website live on the internet and after that it was just amazing. Apart from teaching about website creation which too, is taught in a step by step process, the website maker also provides some amazing tutorials. This website maker has pre-created templates and much more which one can download for free like logos etc.

So I have learnt how to create website the simpler way. Designing websites and website creation has been made so simple thanks to this website maker. You can create website in matter of no time and be very pleased with your creation.

After having designed websites of my own, I now feel satisfied for I am able to interact with endless number of people. It seems like my aim in life has been achieved by getting into website creation with this website maker. You can not only make a single page website but also create website of multiple pages.

This is Ted and I am here to make you familiar with my success story. My success partner is none other than BlueVoda website maker. But I am a professional website maker. I have great knowledge and massive experience and in the recent past, created some of the most functional and qualitative websites.

But a year back my situation was not the same. A year ago I started up my venture of website building and expected huge success. But this did not happen. Surprisingly, we incurred heavy losses and the accumulated loss was growing year by year. My fellow company mates dissolved the partnership owing to poor development and financial ruin and one day we decided to close the shutters down.

Fortunately, my college friend Dennis visited me one fine Friday morning. I remember the day as it gave me a new career breakthrough. Dennis saw all the software we were using to create websites. After a while, he surprised me of shortcomings in the workflow.

He carefully analyzed the working of various website makers and told me that they were not embedded with rich features and not up to mark for usage. He advised BlueVoda website maker. I was not aware of this website developer before and showed my hesitation in using it.

Dennis insisted on using this website maker and I agreed. When I visited the BlueVoda official website for downloading it, I could not believe my eyes when I saw the downloading numbers. One thing was clear that BlueVoda was a hidden gem which remained unexplored by me. I realized that BlueVoda website maker is what I needed to ramp up my business.

While working on this website maker, I never faced any glitches or snags. With brilliant features and groundbreaking results, BlueVoda website developer evokes admiration at every stage to create website. I found myself glued to the screen for hours due to simple working and scalable features of BlueVoda. It is the most renowned and well-established website maker to create website. This is the best website maker for beginners because despite being easy, it renders highly manageable and interactive output to customers across the globe.

A large numbers of website makers are available but Dennis suggested BlueVoda because he knew nothing can beat the quality and authenticity of products created by it. The tutorials describe the nitty-gritty about how to create website. Professionals having excessive knowledge about create website provide step by step information to the learners and make it easier for them to create website.

For using this one of its kind website maker, you are not required to have HTML web design knowledge. When I started using BlueVoda, I could myself analyze the huge and conspicuous difference between websites I created now and sites I was developing earlier. This website maker allows you to choose templates, headers and bands to create website from its power-packed library. This website maker is catering to the needs and demands of millions for improving their online market presence.

Beat your rivals and be a frontrunner after create website with BlueVoda. BlueVoda services to create websites are absolutely free. This reason is enough to bring a glorious smile on your face. Well, I was extremely happy when I came to know about this. After changing my work method, I could see the positive impacts on my business. I acquired more customers, they appreciated my work and soon I was the most searched, most preferred website maker in my community.

I have become the most enigmatic figure in the business circle and credit goes out to BlueVoda. Without this website maker, I would not have create websites like I am doing today. Create a Website With Experienced Web Design Company I am a caricature artist and gained a lot of appreciation and goodwill for my work.

My work was selling at a steady pace but nothing great was going on. I was unable to sell my work at a price that was expected by me. This was highly de-motivating for me. I started losing my confidence.

I was unable to comprehend what was going wrong and whether I came into a wrong line. One of my loyal customers understood my predicament and suggested that I should go for website creation. If I have my own website, my patrons and new customers with an eye for artistic work can easily contact me.

I started researching about website companies and I came across the name of BlueVoda, a famous website maker. I approached them and found out a lot about their company and how they can help me in my profession to create website.

A high end website maker, BlueVoda helps to create website in a simple and highly convenient manner. One need not take any hassle when it comes to create website with this website maker.

Economic downturn had the world succumbing to its negative impacts and the businesses all over the world were taking a huge hit. The number of patrons was also dwindling due to rising costs and bad economic conditions. Contacting interested customers residing in different parts of the world was very difficult.

Thus, I decided to use a website maker preferably BlueVoda to create website. I understood that worse situations can also be taken advantage of by using a professional website maker services so as to help me create website. Once the significance of exposure and web presence was understood, I decided to hire a website maker and create website where I could display my work.

My friends who are in the technology sectors ensured me that now I will never have to suffer the after effects of bad economic conditions or budget cut backs as with the help of a website, I would be able to come in contact with a growing number of forthcoming buyers who have an eye for artistic things.


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